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Every possible means ________ been tried,and we find only ________ this means can we do it well.
A. have,in B. have,by C. has,in D. has,by
此题应选 D。其余几项均容易被误选。这里主要涉及名词means(方式,方法,手段)的用法与搭配:

1. 单复数同形(永远有词尾-s)。若用作主语,其谓语的数需根据句意来确定。比较:
All possible means have been tried. 所有可能的办法都已经试过了。
Every possible means has been tried. 每种可能的办法都已经试过了。
Is [Are] there any other means of doing it? 做这事还有其他的什么办法吗?

2. 表示以某种方式、方法或手段,用介词by:
Only by this means can you do it well. 只有通过这种办法你才能做好此事。
有时用 by means of,意为:用……,依靠……:
Thoughts are expressed by means of words. 思想靠语言来表达。

3. 表示做某事的方法或手段,多接“of+(动)名词”:
But they had no means of cooking them. 但是他们没有办法来把它们煮熟。
Taking a plane is the quickest means of getting there. 去那儿最快的办法是坐飞机。