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effect  英[ɪˈfekt]  美[ɪˈfɛkt]

n. 效果; 影响; 印象; 所有物;
vt. 使发生; 引起; 产生(效果);

第三人称单数:effects 复数:effects 现在分词:effecting 过去式:effected 过去分词:effected



1. effect表示“对……的影响”,其后通常接介词 on, upon。如:

The film had quite an effect on her. 这影片对她影响极大。

Her speech has produced little effect on the listeners. 她的演讲没对听众产生什么影响。

It had an almost immediate effect on his thinking. 这对他的思想立即产生影响。

It had had such a bad effect upon him. 它对他有很大的不良影响。

His satire had no effect on her. 他的讽刺对她没有影响。

2. 注意以下各句的effect搭配:

The plan has been carried [put, brought] into effect. 这项计划业已实行。

All our efforts were of no effect. 我们的一切努力都毫无作用。

The new law will take effect next May. 这项新的法律将于明年五月生效。

In effect he has no choice. 实际上他没有选择余地。



Rose tried to effect a reconciliation. 罗斯试图进行和解。

We hope to effect an improvement. 我们希望取得改进。

They effected a revolution in the country. 他们在这个国家进行了革命。


This affected his attitude. 这影响了他的态度。

Smoking affects health. 吸烟影响身体。

The amount of rain affects the growth of crops. 雨量影响庄稼的生长。


1. 表示“对……的影响”,其后通常接介词 on, upon。如:

2. 注意有用搭配:

The new law will take effect next May. 这项新的法律将于明年5月生效。

(1) of no effect 无效

The drug was of no effect. 这药没有效力。

(2) bring [carry, put] sth into effect 使某物开始实施

(3) in effect:在实施中,生效(作表语);事实上,实际上(作状语)。如:

Some ancient laws are still in effect. 有些古时的法律现在仍然有效。

His reply is in effect an apology. 他的答复事实上是一种道歉。

(4) take effect 实行,起作用;开始见效;奏效

The new tax law will not take effect until next month. 新税法要到下个月才开始实施。

The prescribed medicine failed to take effect. 医生开的药没有见效。