“good and”常置于形容词与副词之前表示强调。

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“good and”常置于形容词与副词之前表示强调。基本意思为“very”,适用范围宽,可用于褒义和贬义的情形。例句:

The flowers are good and beautiful.

The father was good and angry when Jack came home rather late.

I beat him good and hard. 我狠狠地揍了他一顿。

He drove good and fast. 他开车开得飞快。

This soup is good and hot. 这汤很烫。

Mike was good and mad at Tom. (贬义)麦克对汤姆非常生气。

I'll do it when I'm good and ready.

He was good and mad by that time. 贬义

Rooms were good and comfortable.

The Shift Managers were good and fair.

As for that swab, he's good and dead, he is. 贬义

They'd sign it and hand it over when they were good and ready.

She doesn't insist on the whole vegetable-meat-fish-eggs aspect of eating, saying I'll get around to that when I'm good and ready for it.

“good and”也可为一般用法,并非强调,此时两者为形容词或名词。如,“…poses a substantial challenge to the US interpretation of good and evil”。有时需要根据语境方可判断,如“Money is a good and useful thing”,既可以是“又好又有用”也可以是“非常有用”。


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