In Case用法汇总

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In Case

凡是由lest(以免;免得),in case(以防)和 for fear that(生怕,唯恐)引导的目的状语从句中,用“should+动词原形 其谓语部分should可以省略。

Keep quiet in case you(should)interrupt him when he is busy.
要保持安静, 以防打扰他。
She is now studying for fear that she(should)fail in English.
You must wake him early lest he(should)be late for school.
1. in case作短语连词,能引导状语从句
其一:in case just in case引导目的状语从句作“以免以备以防”等解。如:
He takes a torch in case it gets dark before he returns.
Please remind me of it again tomorrow in case I forget. 请你明天再提醒我一下,免得我忘记。
其二:in case接条件从句,意为“如果万一”。如:
In case we fail,we won't lose heart.万一我们失败,我们决不会失去信心。
Take a hat with you in case the sun is very hot. 倘若太阳很利害,你就把帽子戴上。
In case he arrives before I get back, please ask him to wait. 万一我回来前他先到了,请叫他等我。
注意: in case引出的条件从句表示的意义是"预防某种情况的出现";如果从句说的是一般的假设或条件,则要用if 。请比较:
I'll tell him about the matter if I meet him.  (不用in case)
Take an umbrella in case it rains.  (不用if )
在上下文意义很明确时,有时可省去in case后从句的内容。如:
I don't think it will rain, but I'll take an umbrella in case (it rains).

2. in case of是短语介词,后接名词、动名词、代词等。
(A)The wall was built along the river in case of floods.沿河筑起防护墙,以防洪水。
(B) In case of rain I have an umbrella.我带了把雨伞以防下雨。
(B) In case of rain they can't go. 万一下雨,他们就不能去了。
(A)Turn off the TV set in case of thunderstorm. 在雷雨时,关上电视机。
(B)In case of fire, dial 119 at once.  如果发生火灾,立即拨打119。 the case of...来说, 关于。意思跟上面两个不一样了。一般表示转而提及另一件事情。
In the case of woman,they have more difficulty in their job。就女性来说,她们在工作中会遇到更多的困难
In the case of his health, it is fortunate for him to have recovered from his illness like this. 就他的健康状况来说,能恢复到这样算是幸运的了。

4. in that / this case  如果那样/这样(的话);在那种/这种情况下
In that case, we'd better hold a discussion about the problem. 那样的话,我们最好对这一问题展开讨论。
He may not be back at six. In this case we won't wait for him. 他可能六点钟回不来。要是这样,我们就不等他了。
Failure is no shame in the case of a scientist. 就科学家来说,失败并非羞耻事。

5. in any case 无论如何,相当于whatever happens. 如:
You should finish your composition before school is over in any case. 无论如何,你必须在放学前完成作文。
In any case, I'll come over to the office tomorrow.  无论如何,我明天会来办公室的。

6. in no case决不”,置于句首时,须用倒装语序。如:
In no case shall we allow smoking in the classroom. 教室里决对不允许吸烟。
In no case shall you break the rule.  你决不能违反纪律。

7.such being the case 既然如此,情况既然是这样
Such being the case, I have no more to say. 既然如此,我再无话可说。
Such being the case, we were very lucky to have a house of our own.  既然如此,我们能有一幢自己的房子就算很幸运了。

The goods have been cased up for transport.  货物已装箱待运。
另外,be cased over with 则是"在……上另加一层物质"。如:
The copper was cased over with silver.  铜上镀着银。
The brick wall is cased over with cement.  砖墙上涂了一层水泥。
1. We have an auxiliary generator in case of power cuts.
2. In case you need something, please don't hesitate to let me know.
3. It may rain you'd better take an umbrella (just) in case (it does).
可能下雨--你最好带把伞, 以防万一(下起来).
4. In case that he leaves, please inform me.
如果他离开, 请通知我。
5. In case of rain, they can't go.
6. In case (=If) I forget, please remind me.
7. Write the telephone number down in case you forget.
8. The doctor asked us to call him during the night except in case of necessity.


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