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seem 英[si:m] 美[sim]

v. 似乎; 好像,仿佛; 装作; 看来好像;

第三人称单数:seems 现在分词:seeming 过去式:seemed 过去分词:seemed


1、Sb./sth. + Seem + adj.(某人/某事+Seem+形容词)


She seems quite happy. 她似乎很开心

The enemies seem powerful but in fact they are weak.敌人似乎很强大,但事实上他们是脆弱的。

Everything seems easy. 一切似乎很容易.

2、Sb./sth. + seem + n. (某人/某事+Seem+名词)

She seems a clever girl. 她似乎是个聪明的女孩。

This seems a good idea to us. 对我们来说,这似乎是一个好主意。

3、Seem + to do/to be 不定式


The math problem seems (to be) very difficult to work out. 这道数学题似乎很难解决。

I seem to have caught a cold. 我似乎感冒了。

Tom seems (to be) a very clever boy. 汤姆看上去是一个非常聪明的男孩.


Our teacher seemed stopped by the question.我们的老师似乎是被那个问题难住了。

His story seemed revealed.他的谎言似乎已被揭露。

5、seem+ doing 现在分词

No one seemed thinking that way.似乎没人那样想。

She seemed lacking of enthusiasm when we were talking about that film. 我们谈论那部电影时,她看来好像没多大热情。

6、There seem(s) to be...,意为"似乎有;好像有……"

There seems (to be) no work for you to do now.看来现在没有工作需要你做了。

There doesn’t seem (to be) too much hope of our team beating theirs. 我们的球队击败他们的球队似乎没有太多的希望。

7、It seems/seemed +(that) 从句/ it would seem (that)

It seems that he is lying.看来他在撒谎.

It seemed that no one knew what happened.似乎无人知道发生了什么事.

It would seem that someone left the room unlocked.似乎有人离开了房间解锁。

8、It seems to be …好像是 / it seems to sb (that) 在..看来

It seems to be a dog. 它似乎是一只狗。

It seems to me (that) you don’t have much choice.在我看来你没有太多的选择。

9.seem常用于由as if/though引导的从句中

It seems as if it is going to rain.看起来好像要下雨了。

It seems as though our plan will be perfect.似乎我们的计划将是完美的。

It seems as if he knew nothing about that.似乎他什么都不知道。

It seems as if it were spring already.似乎春天已经来了。


若实现的可能性较小,或根本不可能实现,从句的谓语则用虚拟语气 it seems= it appears to be true(似乎是真的)

e.g.: So Bill is coming home? --- “so it seems”.

11. can’t/ couldn’t seem to do sth: try very hard to do sth but still can not do it.

e.g.: I just can’t seem to get it into his mind that he has to plan things better.