would rather的用法

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would rather do sth. than do sth.

would do sth.rather than do sth.

prefer to do sth. rather than do sth.


I’d rather play tennis than swim.

(=I’d play tennis rather than swim. )

(=I’d prefer play tennis rather than swim.)


1. ----Shall we go skating or stay at home?

-----Which ____ do yourself?(92)

A.do you rather B.would you rather C.will you rather D.should you rather

2. To enjoy the scenery, Irene would rather spend long hours on the train _____ travel by air. (2004全国卷III.26)

A. as B. to C. than D. while

3. ----- Would you ______ have tea or wine?

----- ______. I prefer coffee.

A. rather, Either B. rather, Neither C. like, neither D. rather, Both

4. Who would you rather ______ the report instead of you?

A. have write B. have to write C. write D. have written

解析:答案为A。此题还原为You would rather have who write the report instead of you.可知句式为:have sb. do sth.

5. ----- Who would you rather ______ the Olympic Maths Competition?

----- LiHua, I think, is the best choice.

A. have attended B. have attend C. attending D. to attend

注:1. 有时可将rather than置于句首来加强语气。如:

Rather than refuse to help you, I would borrow money from my friends.


Rather than ____ on a crowded bus,he always prefers ____ a bicycle.(NMET94)

A.ride;ride B.riding;ride C.ride;to ride D.to ride;riding

2. 其否定式在rather后加not。如:

I’d rather not tell you about it. 那件事我宁愿不告诉你。

I’d rather not say anything. 我宁可什么也不说。

二、would rather后可接从句,从句用一般过去式,即would rather sb. did sth.,表示宁愿某人现在或将来要做某事;表示用过去完成时,即would rather sb. had done sth. ,表示宁愿某人过去做过某事。如:

I would rather you came tomorrow. 我宁愿你明天来。

He’d rather you came on Friday. 他比较希望你在星期五来。

I’d rather you had been / hadn’t been present。我(宁)愿你当时在场 / 不在场。

I’d rather you hadn’t told him the news that day. 我真希望你那天没有把那消息告诉他。

三、would rather 可接动词的完成式,即 would rather(not) have done sth.表示“宁愿做过某事但事实没做”或“宁愿没做过某事但事实却做了”,表示事实与愿望相反。如:

If she’d had the chance, she’d rather have lived 100 years ago. 如属可能,她宁愿生活在100年以前。